Cosmopolitan Camel 34mm

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Evolving through time, every marble stone has its own unique birthmark. Defined by its genuine marble face, The Enduring is a collection of modern style with personal statement. It is a fashion piece that endures the passing age.

Design In Details

Urban Nature

Maven Watches The Urban Nature collection presents you modern city lifestyle with a touch of nature at its core. Born in the bustle of Hong Kong, we are inspired by our home where urban and natural landscape coexists in harmony.

Geniune Marble Dial

The genuine marble dials with each watch defined by a unique birthmark, as a collection of modern style with personal statement. It is a fashion piece that endures the passing age with 0.8mm thickness, which is much thicker than a standard dial of 0.4mm thickness.

Swiss Ronda 762 Movement

Getting on to the mechanical parts of your watch, note that we are using Swiss Ronda 762 Movement, which is a two hands quartz movement. As a family-owned company that is now in second-generation hands, Ronda AG attaches great value to maintaining its outstanding quality and innovative design.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

All our watches are fitted with Sapphire Crystal Glass, a natural growing crystal that is made from minerals grown in furnaces which takes delicate work during machining. It is immensely scratch-resistant with excellent hardness and durability.


We have struck a beautiful balance of nature and modernity with a 16mm width Italian leather strap that is interchangeable and can be easily swapped with quick-release pins.

Lug width

The lug width is 16mm which fit a 16mm strap.

316L Stainless Steel Case

34mm diameter is perfect for any size wrist. Our watch cases are manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel like most high quality watches, which offers exceptional resistance in acidic and ocean salt water areas.

Water Resistance

30m, 3 atm = Splash resistant. Ok for rain, hand washing, other occasional contact with water.
Camel Leather

Size Comparsion

Case Finish
Brushed Finish
Brushed Finish
Case Color
Rose Gold
Rose Gold
Case Thickness
Leather Width
Wrist Size
Genuine Marble
Genuine Marble
Hands Type
Two hands
Two hands
Hands Color
Rose Gold
Water Resistance
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